Live CSS Editor

A neat little browser extension that makes it ridiculously easy to experiment with CSS on a website.

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Download for Safari

Download for Chrome

Only available for Chrome and Safari

Currently v1.7.3

The Live CSS Editor gives you complete control over the site, allowing you to freely write CSS rules and see them instantly applied.

Total CSS Control

Easily style icon color, size, shadow, and anything that's possible with CSS.

Instant Changes

The new CSS rules are added to the page as soon as you type them.


It remembers your CSS on reload so you don't have to worry about lost changes.

Resizeable and Positionable

Resize the editor or move it around the screen as necessary while working.

HTTPS and Local Files

You can use the editor pretty much anywhere that you want.

Free, as in Speech

The Live CSS Editor is completely free to use and always will be.

Open Sourced Code

The code for the extension is available on GitHub. Pull-requests welcome!

Small Footprint

No JavaScript libraries required. It's all lovingly crafted, plain JavaScript.


Control the settings via the option menu.

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